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Restaurant Services

 Restaurant HVAC Services

Your restaurant HVAC systems are crucial to your daily operations. The comfort of your dining guests and the safety of your employees depends on a properly well-maintained heating and cooling systems. We will perform regular maintenance of your restaurant HVAC systems and make our team ready at a moment’s notice in an emergency.

Our Restaurant HVAC Services Include:

● Routine Filter Changes and Maintenance

● New HVAC system Installation

● HVAC System Repairs

● System Upgrades & Energy Audits

● Emergency On-Call Service

Restaurant Refrigeration Services

Refrigeration is crucial to protecting your perishable assets. A refrigeration problem can result in the immediate loss of thousands of dollars in inventory. We are experienced with many types of refrigeration systems ranging in size and scope of use.

Our Restaurant Refrigeration Services Include:

● Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers

● Outdoor Coolers and Freezers

● Upright Coolers & Freezers

● Frozen Beverage Machines

● Ice Cream Machines

● Refrigerated Display Cases

● Bar Back Coolers

Plumbing Services

Restaurant plumbing systems are a crucial part of daily operations. Water filtration is crucial to providing clean and healthy dining experience. Grease can clog drains leading to backups and potential health violations. Hot water systems are crucial to both cooking and cleaning. Keeping these restaurants plumbing systems running smoothly is part of what Floor Up LLC does for our clients.

Our Restaurant Plumbing Services Include:

● Water Filtration Systems

● Drain Cleaning

● Hot Water Heaters and Boilers

● Faucet and Spigot Repair

● Sewage Line Repairs and Replacements

● Backflow Prevention Systems

Handyman Services

You are busy running a restaurant and you certainly don’t have time to be making general repairs during the midst of your daily operations. Let our skilled carpenters handle your general maintenance issues. We can do routine inspections at regular intervals or you can use us in an on-call basis to make specific repairs.

Restaurant Handyman Services Include:

● Doors, Gates & Locks

● Kitchen & Dining Room Remodeling

● Window Replacements

● Window Tinting

● Drywall Patching

● Carpet & Floor Replacements

● Countertops

● Painting & Wallpaper

Exhaust Cleaning & Maintenance 

Restaurant exhaust cleaning is crucial to both health code compliance, fire safety and the overall productivity of your kitchen staff. We clean exhaust hoods and ranges to the comply with the NFPA 96 standards for ventilation control and fire protection. These standards suggest that hoods and ranges be cleaned at regular intervals based on cooking volume and fuel sources.

Our Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning Services Include:

● Hood, Vent & Range Cleaning

● Exhaust Fan Cleaning & Exhaust Systems Repair

● Exhaust Systems Compliance with NFPA 96

Electrical & Lighting Systems

Every business depends on electricity. This is especially true in the restaurant industry. A restaurant simply cannot function without reliable electrical service. Our teams can service, maintain and upgrade all of your electrical and lighting systems. We can also recommend energy saving retrofits that can lower your electrical usage and qualify you for state and federal tax incentives.

Restaurant Electrical Services Include:

● New Electrical Services up to 4000 Amps

● Power Distribution Projects

● Process Equipment Installations

● Emergency Generators and Transfer Switches

● Service/Troubleshooting Projects

● Solar Systems Integrations

● Fire Alarm and Smoke Detector Systems

● Temporary Electrical Services

Restaurant Lighting Services Include:

● Energy Efficient Lighting Replacements/Retrofits

● Exterior & Security Lighting

● Parking Lot Lighting Installations/Service

● Ballast Repairs and Replacement

● Sign Installation and Service

● Dining Room Lighting Upgrades